happy weekend

doorbell | almost makes perfect

so how was your week?! i know i’ve been in and out – but i’m coming back for real, soon. now that we’ve moved in, i see how quickly you can spend money on monotonous little details, like we needed a new doorbell – so i spent hours looking at doorbells. and obviously found the best one ever. i’ve spent so much time researching squeegees, window shades, ceiling fans, mailboxes, all these super fun things that make me realize i’m like, a boring grownup now.

the house is almost unpacked, well the living room and kitchen and our bedroom — but the other two bedrooms are basically just filled with boxes. hoping we make some progress this weekend in between a friendsgiving dinner and a whole bunch of house errands. i’m also gonna do a house tour for you asap even though it’s filled with things now. and i’ll start showing you our plans too! hooray! have a great weekend guys!

well this guy must get a lot chicks
for sure worth being fat for
cute handwritten canisters
love this cozy little house tour
adorable little dummies
just bought this and now i swear by it for quick zit removal
at least they were both super nice about this
want this right now, and also on thanksgiving

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