Bungalow Kitchen Update

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday sweet friends.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Today Im sharing a bit of kitchen progress.  Since my last update we’ve made quite a few changes and the space is finally starting to feel like its nearing the finish line.  Let’s just take a quick look at what it looked like a couple of months ago:


When I last shared the kitchen we were trying to figure out our backsplash tile situation.  We had been advised against my beloved patterned cement tiles because of their weight and the potential structural complications they could cause, so as a plan B I considered subway tiles for the backsplash, and a patterned tile for the floors.

Here’s what things in the bungalow kitchen are looking like nowadays

kitchen update 3 kitchen update 4

We’ve got painted walls, new lighting, a backsplash, extra storage, newly trimmed windows, and found a remnant piece of Corian for the corner window ledge. For the walls I wanted a warm mushroomy, sorta moody, not too light, not too dark, looks good with both white and yellow metals neutral. I decided on Smooth Stone by Glidden and I really love it in the space.  I coulda gone a tad moodier, but Ive got no complaints. I carried the color to the ceilings as well. Because its such a small room and our kitchen is not open concept I wanted the eye to flow continuously throughout the space.  Painting the ceilings the same color as the walls gives the visual illusion of more space.

After debating between a bevel edge or classic subway tile, I decided on the bevel edge with a contrasting grout. I wanted to give some pretty eye-catching visual interest to the classic material so I had it installed in a herringbone pattern. The tile is from Arizona Tile and grout is from Home Depot in the color Platinum.

wall color backsplash 2

Once we removed the wall cabinets and bank of cabinets over the sink I knew I wanted to layer in a few different looks for lighting….wall sconces, general overhead lighting, and a task light over the sink.

kitchen before3

Kitchen Update 7

I custom ordered the articulating wall sconces from Lucent Light Shop in a matte black finish.  When I placed my order I was told about a copper sputnik that they could send me to try out in my space as well.  It wasn’t sellable because the finish wasn’t right in one area.  I’m a sucker for both imperfection and copper so I gave it a try, and I absolutely love it!

kitchen update 4 kitchen update 5 sputnik sputnik 1 sputnik 2

We decided to have the windows framed out in craftsman style trim to add to the cottage feel.  We love it and will be replacing all the window and door trim throughout the rest of the house now.

I love the utilitarian look of wire storage racks in a kitchen and I knew I wanted to incorporate one in ours.  I ordered this one from Home Depot and its the perfect storage supplement to our limited cabinet space.

kitchen update 6 shelves

Still on the To Do list: install baseboard, install floating shelves, light for over the sink, freestanding island, window treatments, make a skirt for the sink, hanging planter, and make a raised feeding station for Callie.  Its coming together slowly but surely friends.  Until next time….



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