Going Black

Happy Friday friends. Confession time guys. I broke my own first rule of design and now I’m having regrets.


When it comes to designing a space rule number one for me is to toss whatever rules you think there are to the side and make choices based on what you love. I like our teal walls, but they were not my first choice. When we first purchased the bungalow, while I was contemplating paint color choices I really really wanted black walls, pretty much throughout. While I was on board, Naomi had some reservations so I played it safe and decided on this moody teal instead.  The color is pretty, but I regret holding back on the black walls more and more everyday.  I loved the black room we had in our previous home and I knew I wanted to do it again here in the new house but in a more substantial way.

black walls black walls 2

Most of you know when it comes to design I’m a firm believer that, among other things, every room needs something black. Here in our home I bring a black element in every room to help create a cohesive design story throughout, especially since my style is eclectic and each room is quite different from the next.  I’ve always loved black walls, and as I begin to define and embrace my love of moody interiors I realize I want them to play a major role in the overall design of our home. The same way a lot of people feel about white walls is how I feel about black. No matter what your style or how big or small your space is, black walls work. I think they are so amazing and I’m thinking they may become something of a signature for me.









I’ve had the urge to repaint our living room and dining room walls for sometime now, but I’ve resisted because I really really wanted the teal to work. In the end they just don’t feel right. Over the past couple months I’ve even reached out to a few fellow design/blogger friends and explained that I’ve been feeling stuck with the space and was craving something different. I thought perhaps a really deep deep blue or moody charcoal, but I know they’ve gotta be black. I knew better than to settle on the teal walls in the first place so it looks like I’ll be doing lots of painting in the near future. Anybody down for a painting party?

Have a fantastic weekend friends. Until next time….



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