Bamboo Shades For The Win

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday friends!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I had every intention on doing a bit more holiday decorating, but it didn’t happen.  I caught a case of the lazies.  It was overcast, rainy, and chilly all weekend so we used that as the perfect excuse to snuggle on the sofa and binge watch television all weekend….well with the exception of when I hightailed it to Bath and Body Works for $8.50 3 wick candles!

Today I’m here with a little bit of a house update. Among the mile long list of things we still have to do around here, finding proper window coverings is pretty close to the top. Here’s the window situation in our little bungalow friends… literally every window in this house is either bare, has sheets tacked up as makeshift curtains, has old plastic blinds that are mostly bent out of shape and no longer open, or are covered in the most hideous curtains with scenes of cows grazing in fields. I’m not even kidding with that last one.  Our window covering game is a hot mess around here.  Or at least it was. Now its a tad better.

When the folks over at Blindster approached me with the opportunity to try out some of their window covering solutions, I was more than happy to oblige. Though every room really needed it we decided the living room would be a good place to start since its the closest to being “finished” as well as being the most visible room.  Its also where we do all our entertaining and daily living so it seemed like the best place to start.

chester5 chester4

I absolutely love our big window, but I hated the daily routine of opening and closing the curtains.  We were using 4 panels I picked up at IKEA eons ago, and every morning and night we’d have to pull out the sofa open or close the panels and push the sofa back against the wall. Everyday. Twice a day. #aintnobodygottimeforthat. Honestly, enough was enough. It was definitely time for a much for functional solution.

Blindster offers everything from faux wood to fabric to bamboo blinds and shades.  I knew I wanted to bring in a natural element into this space so I opted for product from their premium bamboo shades group A.   Because our walls are a deep shade I chose a contrasting lighter tone and went with Santos Natural finish. I was really nervous about how to install them because we got old house problems over here yall.  There are window depth specifications that will determine whether you can install them using either an inside or outside mount technique, our windows are set in quite shallow. I honestly like the look of both, but I was hoping to get away with mounting them inside each window panel. Thankfully we baaaarely made the cut. You need a minimum of 1″ for an inside mount to work and we have EXACTLY 1″ so yeah…..

Going with a custom product like this was the perfect solution for this window since its actually really large. It was IMPOSSIBLE to find off the shelf blinds to fit so it was great to customize our blinds to their exact specifications because, as you know, old houses NEVER have level floors, walls, or even windows and ever panel was a different width over here.  I measured each window panel using their online measuring guide (uh-em video for us visual learners) to make sure I measured correctly. And if by chance you don’t measure correctly and they don’t fit when you receive them, no worries. With their Fit or Free policy they will remake them for you for free!  I completely customized everything from the length, width, side the pulls should be on, and type of lining.  I chose a privacy lining for this space. Within a week they arrived at the door and were ridiculously easy to install. We’ve had them in place for about a month now and I absolutely love them.

blinds2 blinds blinds3

They add the perfect natural element to the room, and they make a huge difference in giving a finished look to the windows.  We also chose the same blinds the French door, and used an outside mount for it. Right now they are outfitted for the holidays, but even without the addition of the greenery, they are one of my favorite elements in the room.


Window covering make a huge difference in a room, but they can be so freakin expensive. That’s why a lot of people, myself included, tend to save them for last.  Blindster really is an affordable option for custom coverings, and right now they are offering some amazing holiday sales and savings through both their website and Facebook page. Now would be the time to consider outfitting those windows of yours friends.  Another thing of note is the company is owned and operated here in America.

Tell me, are you guilty of having ugly windows? Please tell me Im not the only one! Until next time friends…


*this is not a sponsored post, but I was provided blinds by Blindster.  All opinions are my own.



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