Trend Watch 2016

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday peeps. It’s the beginning of the year which means everybody and their momma has a thing or two to say about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of design over the next 12 months. Ok, so lets talk trends friends.  I don’t think they are the rules of how to decorate your spaces, but it is fun to see what the industry is predicting to see happen in shelters from year to year. Some I can get behind, and some I can’t. 

You guys know by now (and if you don’t, you will) that when it comes to design, especially the design of your own home, I don’t believe in following stringent rules or necessarily being “on trend.”  I am, after all, a maximalist, a HUGE fan of eclecticism, and I whole heartedly believe in mixing ALL the things. By nature I go against the “what’s popular in design” grain. I mean, the spaces Im most drawn to most people would view as a hot cluttered mess. #toeachtheirown. I believe If you love it, do it. Period.  No matter who or what says is out, in, or otherwise. I believe if you curate your spaces with things you love they have lasting power.  I for one HATE chevron more than slugs hate salt, always have,  BUT I would never tell anyone not to go there if its their thing. I DO however, believe in keeping things current so your home doesn’t become a time capsule…unless, of course, you’re into that then by all means do you! And really there are so many easy ways to do that without latching on to each and every thing said to be the flavor of the year. You could layer in of-the-moment bits like throw pillows in the hottest cue or somehow incorporate the “in” pattern.  Or maybe just change up your wall color.  Basically Im all for keeping things current while staying true to whatever the heck you’re into on a larger scale.

Ok now that I’ve stepped down off my soapbox…there are several trend reports out already that Ive taken a peek at. (House Beautiful, Elle Décor, AT)Predictions run the gammon of everything from kitchen appliance style to return of the 80’s (heaven help us). For the most part Im liking whats on the horizon but there are a few I’m particularly excited to see become a big deal this year.


stack of huipilsvia

Ummmm YES PLEASE!! You guys know I’m ALL over this.  Any excuse to infuse a space with some global touches is right up my alley.  Last year it was all about Africa. Jujus, mudcloth, indigo, masks, Morrocan textiles and rugs, and beads ruled the design scene.  This year South America will be queen. Expect to see the countries beautiful vibrant influence in pillows, throws, tablecloths, and even clutches, bags, belts, sandals, and blouses.  I think you could probably expect to see Mexican textiles in the mix too. Otomi is my homie, and im betting the farm  you’re gonna see it quite a bit this year as well.



Formal dining rooms are making a comeback friends, and I’m so completely on board. I feel like this one is a double edge sword for me though.  On one hand I LOVE the fact that we are getting back to the time of nice sit down meals…with place settings…and centerpieces..and conversation. But I DONT feel like you must have 2 separate dining spaces to make that happen. *Ahem* #teamlivesmall.  Today’s modern family doesn’t have the same connection to formal dining as those of yesteryear.  Most of us opt for a kitchen with an expansive area to pull up a stool, or maybe an eat in area with space for small table. We are all like aint nobody got time for formal anything nowadays.  BUT I gotta say I’m glad to see the formal dining have its moment. Our tiny dining room is perfect for just the 4 of us, but I really  miss having a large dining room.  As I get older I’ve come to realize how important it is for me to have a space to entertain and host large dinner parties. I think that is starting to become more and more the norm with the masses as well. We may not want several spaces in our homes dedicated to eating, but having one space for sharing our homes and lives with our friends and families over a good meal, candlelight, and “the good china” is something to delight in.



Details like the incorporation of traditional furniture pieces into the bathroom are gonna make this space super pretty and comfortable to go potty in, and I can dig it.  I’ve always loved seeing things like dressers and armoires used for storage in bathrooms.  This year things will go a step further with chairs, side tables and stools, Persian rugs, and really pretty statement mirrors…especially the latter.



Hey there mixed materials I see you boo!  This one I’m obviously supes excited about. The all white, uber perfect, pristine kitchen is gonna take a backseat to a warm, earthy, eclectic vibe this year. There’ll be a mashup of styles and lots of mixing of materials going on, and my heart couldn’t be happier about it.

So there you have it. My two cents on what fave picks for design trends this year.  How

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