A, B, or C?

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday friends.  So remember how I just laid out our home goals for this year? Well it looks like the whole addition situation wont be happening.  At least not this year. Womp Womp!  It’s not necessarily the news we wanted to hear, but it’s also not the end of the world for us either.

We knew it was going to be a massive undertaking both literally and financially, but after getting a few quotes and speaking to an architect and some contractors it looks like its gonna be a bit more expensive than we are ready to take on right now.  I’ve said before that we plan to be in this house for quite a while so making it into the perfect home for us is more of a marathon than a sprint. That being said we’ve crossed the addition plans off the list for a while. I cried it out then I put on my big girl pants and switched focus to tackling a few other projects that will make the house more functional, comfortable, and prettier as it is until the addition can become a reality. Some will be the not-so-fun “behind the walls” stuff that we can’t see but that really needs to be done, and some will be investments that are much more tactile.

Since we wont be adding another bathroom into our lives anytime soon, I’ve decided one of the projects should be making the one bathroom we have work (and look) much better for the 4 of us on a daily basis.  Don’t get me wrong, the bathroom isn’t TERRIBLE, but there are definitely some areas that need improvement.  Plus its a big white box, which as you can imagine drives me batty.


This is the listing picture of our house when it was on the market and it looks exactly the same today…except the shower curtain is white and grey.  Also we added rugs which are, you guessed it….WHITE! Shoot me now!

As I said, the bathroom itself isn’t terrible. We have a great space to work with and considering both the age of our home and that it’s the only one in the house, it’s quite spacious.  Over the past year and a half of living in it we’ve come to realize there are some things that need improvement.  We plan to do a bit of reworking the space to make it a much more livable situation for us….including taking out the shower and in its place adding linen/bathroom storage, raising the arch and adding a shower to the tub, retiling the floor, adding a skylight or solar tube for natural light, and bringing in a larger vanity.   At the same time, I really really want to bring in visual interest by incorporating wallpaper.  I LOVE wallpaper and I’ve been dying to use some in our home, so when the folks at Milton and King contacted me about working with some of their bespoke papers I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring some into the bungalow.

Guys their wallpapers are SO SO good.  When I came across their Shibori line of papers while browsing through the selection I almost died!  Ya’ll already know how obsessed I am with Shibori, so it was a no brainer that it would be the direction I, going with. I mean how perfect, right? Anyway I fell in love with pretty much all of them, but managed to narrow it down to three.  Shibori OptionsA: Shibori Star: Love the graphic feel of this print. It comes in 5 color ways.  The olive green is gorgeous, but we all know how Naomi feels about green. #ainthappening.  Id go with the indigo with this one.

B: City Scape: Um hello indigo!!  This is probably my fav of the bunch.  The deep hue reminds me of my African mudcloth textile.


Naomi likes the light blue color way of this option, while I’m partial to the deep blue.

3. StalactiteI really love this one, too.  Its only offered in the black but it would look amazing in indigo as well.

 So friends, Id love your input. What would you do? I really feel like either option will look great. I love that these papers look like fabric, which I think will be beautiful on the wall.  Also you should know I’m thinking of this on the vanity wall only. Alright friends I’m all ears…

Until next time …


*featured image via Vanessa Francis for Décor Happy Blog


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