happy weekend

YAY friday. my dads been in town this week, so while i’ve gotten very little done — it’s been real fun and i’ve been eating way too much. he leaves on sunday morning, and gid and i are heading out of town for a little one night valentines getaway date. so excited! happy weekend and happy v-day!

OH and i started using snapchat ( a little late… ). it’s weird and actually super fun and my snapchats are real dumb. follow me! @almostmakesperf

⋅ how to snapchat like a teenager
did you see this big dummy?
⋅ a simple little diy easy enough to make a dozen
⋅ if you loved mrs doubtfire
⋅ this is so weird and cool, and weird
⋅ muji makes houses now?!
⋅ omg these are so cute for v-day
⋅ if you’re still into cactus
my heart is meltinggggg

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