Local Treasure: Kechmara Designs

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday friends! Ya’ll know how much I love my city guys.  After living all over the country, there’s something about this place that just captured my heart. There are a lot of things Sacramento is…..the City of Trees? Yes! The farm-to-fork capital of the US? Absolutely! Somewhere we get to enjoy wonderfully temperate weather with no snow and extended summers? Definitely! A haven for global textiles like authentic Moroccan rugs? #Notsomuch! That is until I discovered the hidden treasure that is Kechmara Designs.


I first stumbled upon Kechmara on IG and I literally jumped up and down with excitement over it.  I absolutely had to check it out for myself so I reached out to the owner, Ali, and asked if I could pop in with my camera and snap some photos to share here on the blog.  He graciously said yes and allowed me complete access to anything in the store.

kech5  You guys know I have a serious weakness for ALL THE THINGS…especially chairs, baskets, lamps and rugs. And holy moly do they have rugs! Be still my Moroccan textile lovin heart, friends.  I mean Azilal, Beni Ourain, and Boucherouitte oh my! As a stylist, designer, and global décor addict this place is an absolute jewel.  While you can easily access global goods online there’s always that looming feeling of not quite knowing what you’re gonna get once it arrives at your doorstep.  Textiles, such as rugs, are a major expense and quite often are the foundation for the entire visual direction of a space.  There’s always a bit of anxiety around basing a design around something you haven’t seen in person yet, so having direct access to these goods is wonderful!

kech1 kech2 kech3

I couldn’t believe his fabulous collection of berber rugs, African baskets, lanterns, poufs, wedding blankets, and pillow covers.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  Id never had the opportunity to see an authentic Beni up close and in person before so being surrounded by them was such a treat.  I listened to Ali’s stories of his travels, his family, and of the age of some of his most beloved rugs. He educated me on the difference between the older Beni’s and the ones that are only around a year old. I had been on the fence before about bringing a beni into our home, but after seeing, touching, and really experiencing them in the store there’s no question that I MUST have one.  I look forward to coming back soon to select a special piece(or 4!) for our little bungalow.

kech4 kech6

Probably the best part of discovering Kechmara is the opportunity to support local.  Its located within the WAL Public Market in the historic downtown district and its surrounded by other fantastic small businesses run by local artists, designers, and makers. Its such special place and I’m so happy to know its all right here in Sacramento.

Have you discovered any hidden jewels in your neighborhood lately? Until next time friends…



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