mothers day gift guide

mother's day gift guide | almost makes perfect

it’s time once again to get something sweet or special for your mamas! mother’s day is only a couple of weeks away, so just enough time to start ordering. here are some of my favorite picks… 

01. all moms love custom stationary, that’s just a fact
02. i feel like i always suggest a teapot, because thats just something you buy for a mom
03. a cookbook from a favorite restaurant or cuisine
04. no mom can have too many pretty vases
05. since you’ve already gifted her so much jewelry, she needs jewelry storage!
06. a fun pair of espadrilles for the summer 
07. croissants are not just a gift for her, they can be a gift for you too if she shares
08. this is my all time favorite cleanser/makeup remover for any skin type
09. my mom requests PJs for every gift, i assume yours does too
10. a gorgeous saucepot for her kitchen and pretty enough to display on her stove
11. sunglasses are a fun accessory to gift versus yet another necklace
12. a beautiful brass watering can for the green thumbed mom


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