A Teen Room In The Making with Framebridge

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday friends.  So many things have been happening these past few months. Literally. So. Many. Things.

If you follow me on IG then you know a blog break was much needed in the midst of all the craziness.  I’m SO excited to be back and what better way to dive back into the groove of things than with a fun collaboration with our friends over at Framebridge. Over the Summer we started work on Bry’s teen room again and there was lots to tackle.


Over the Summer we started work on Bry’s teen room.  Since she was heading into high school this year we wanted to give her a space that was reflective of her at this stage in her life…the ever so wonderful teen years.  Lord help us! We gave her the lead role in the design and creation of this space and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy!  Those of you who are also parents of teens I’m sure understand the struggle.  Her “mommy want” list was high.  Pretty much she wanted all new everything and I was basically like,  ummmmm no!  So finding compromise has been challenging to say the least.

One of the things on the list we BOTH agreed on is  the need for art, so when Framebridge presented us with the opportunity to don her walls  we were totally on board.  Bry wanted something personal and special to her  so when we discovered Frambridge gives you the option to print and frame photos from your Instagram feed we knew it was the perfect solution. It had her at Instagram AND she loved the idea of being able to preserve some memories from her time with her friends in middle school since they’ve all split up and now attend different high schools.

In keeping with her modern graphic reference she chose a collection of photos framed in simple black and white frames and insisted we install them above her windows.




This was such a fun little project to work on with her and she loves her photos. I’m still trying to convince her she needs something large above her headboard, but in true teenage girl fashion she pretty much wants to do the exact opposite of whatever I suggest. #rebel. I’m hoping I can at least get her to ass some of her personal drawings to her walls and perhaps even a few other things to create a bit of a mixed media gallery wall situation in here. At any rate I’m sure we will get her room done sometime between now and the next 3 years!

Of course I wasn’t gonna leave yall empty handed so the kind folks over at Framebridge are hooking you guys up with 15% off your first order with the code: SGSTYLEBLOG15, and it’s just in time for the holidays too! I love giving sentimental gifts and having a special memory framed is always a great idea. But you want to make sure you get your orders in early because as you know it’ll be December before we know it! The mail in deadline for physical pieces is 12/4, and the print and frame order deadline is 12/18.

So glad to be back guys. Until next time….



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