Design Obsession: Skirted Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday friends.  Its been a while since I’ve indulged in a good design obsession post and its about time we change that…

Over the weekend I posted this photo on IG of our kitchen and went on little tangent about the space needing SOMETHING.  I’m thinking of seriously going there with a painted ceiling, but Ive also been thinking of how much we have yet to do in the space to complete it.  In the Spring we worked some projects including installing the floating shelves, putting in a pendant over the sink, and adding a French door.

There’s still much to do yet, but its the little details and finishing touches that always make a space, am I right? While on Pinterest the other night I came across an image of the cutest kitchen with skirted cabinets and it made me think of the skirted sink in our kitchen.  It was the one detail I kept in place from the original kitchen, and the one detail I absolutely love in our space.  I knew I wanted to update the space a lot, but also wanted to keep it feeling as much like a 1940s cottage bungalow as possible.  To me, skirted sinks are quintessential cottage kitchen.  Anyway, seeing that image got me to thinking about the fact that 1) I really need to find a new fabric for our skirted sink situation (the current curtains are legit tearing apart), and 2) perhaps I should extend the skirt to the bank of open lower cabinetry as well?

Im really diggin the look and I feel like it would add some visual and textural softness to all the metal and utilitarian elements in the space.  I have to say, though, this is a look that can easily lend itself to being typecast as a bit country and dated, but I think in the right space and with the right material it can look quite chic, and even modern. Here are a few other spaces that are totally inspiring me right now…






To keep this look current and updated Id use a fabric in a fun, trendy print.  I think this look could be AMAZING using a moody floral, shibori, palm leaf, modern graphic, or malachite print. And the best thing about fabric is that its relatively inexpensive and easily interchangeable.  You could simply update the fabric at your whim and have a space that feels instantly refreshed. What do you guys think? Are you feeling it or nah? Id love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time friends….





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