holiday gift guide : for the jetsetter


the holidays are less than 2 weeks away now — so you really need to get a move on for your shopping! luckily the majority of these gifts are amazon prime (and pretty inexpensive too, meaning you could get a few of these for a super nice travel themed gift set!) here are some fun ideas for the traveler in your life. 

01. if they’re travel obsessed, i hope they document it — this camera is so pretty
02. for the drinker, they have now made a few new kinds of these cute cocktail kits
03. a very easy idea, packing lists to keep them organized
04. a pretty passport case (which is on sale rn)
05. i love this travel mug (that doubles as a french press!)
06. for the traveler who roughs it, keep ’em cleaner with this cleanser that doesn’t require a shower
07. a cute easy folding travel organizer for makeup or jewelry or toiletries
08. well designed paperback travel guides for all different cities
09. everyone could use a new handsome dopp kit 
10. i never think to protect my shoes and i always damage my shoes in my suitcase
11. you can also never have too much dry shampoo

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