Home Goals 2017

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday friends!  Thank you to everyone who left me comments and reached out across social media about Monday’s post.  I appreciate you guys so much.  I love that this is a place where being vulnerable and imperfect are just as accepted as a great looking interior.  You guys are just plain freakin awesome!Now that I’ve taken a moment to take a look back over the last year, Im excited to look ahead to what this year has to bring so I thought id pop in and do a little breakdown of some things Id love to see happen in #thecottagebungalow in 2017

  1. Laundry Room

As you know, we started work on the laundry room last spring, but didn’t get very far.  This is the sad state of what it looked like when we first moved in and not much has changed other than us putting in our appliances. We got as far as getting rid of the big traditional water heater in lieu of a tankless system, and adding both a French door and Dutch door. The rest of this hot mess remains.  Including that light fixture, floors, and farm animal covered curtains.  Finishing up this space is definitely on the house goals list.

2. The Kitchen


Soooooo the last you’ve seen this space on the blog was LAST Christmas!  As in the one BEFORE the one that just passed!  Geesh! That should tell you just how crazy things have been around here. This year we plan to FINALLY get this space complete.  Weve done quite a bit since this capture and we are done with just about everything in this space. We just have to replace the flooring and finish up a few other small things like painting the pantry  and newly installed French doors. Words cant even explain how much I’m looking forward having this space completely finished!  I have a few tricks up my sleeve for this space and I cant wait to share it with you guys.

3. The Hallway 

Its time for a change in the hallway.  The dalmation print has been fun, but its time to refine things a bit.  Im ready for a different look.  Not sure what that means just yet…just ready for something different.

4. Fireplace Facelift

Well this is a little bit unexpected I’m sure! I did a little facelift on the fireplace when we first moved in an effort  update it and make it prettier than it was when I moved in. But, it wasn’t meant to be its permanent look.  Ive been wanting to give it a fun, more “me” look for a while and I figure now is as good as any I reckon. Im thinking something with a boho vibe here…of course!

5. Bathroom Makeover

Now here’s a space we haven’t seen yet! Its our bathroom.  The one and only shared bathroom in our little home. This was the state of this space the day we first stepped foot in the house. And it literally still looks just like this. Except the shower curtain is grey rather than the yellow it was in its staged  state. So here’s the deal…this space HAS GOT TO CHANGE.  Its just NOT functional for us.  It spacious, but its not functional.  And its white. Like, allll white.  And ya’ll already know: I don’t do white spaces.  But back to the real issue here.  We need to make this space work a whole lot better since its gonna be our one and only bathroom for a while yet…at least another couple years, or until we hit it big in the CA Lottery.  #lifegoals. We got a couple bids to remodel this space last spring, but since it technically didn’t “need” it we opted to use our money in other areas that were actually much more necessary.  Im realllllyyy hoping we can make this one happen.  Naomi is 2 seconds from the “D” word if she has to spend another year sharing a bathroom with our kids! lol. I think if we made it work much better for our family she’d be ok.

So there you have it friends. The list.  Of course there are other things we wanna do around the house this year, but these are the ones at the top of the list. Lets get this party started, shall we.  Until next time friends..



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