happy weekend

hi! thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the kitchen reveal this week. so fun to finally just be done with it (and to move onto the next room). we got so much done on the babys room last weekend that this weekend we might not do as much. we’re going out of town next week on our babymoon to new mexico, i am v excited to take a break! did i already ask if you guys have any tips? i feel like i might have.

also did you see get out yet? it’s so good, go see if you haven’t. 

we just got this quilt for the winter and it’s so cozy 

and if you liked get out, there are more where that came from…

cute easter eggs if you do that sorta thing

repackaged junk food does seem way more appealing

just bought this very cute speaker for the nursery

my all time favorite kind of donut 

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