Dreaming Of A Fireplace Facelift


Hi Everyone!


Happy Monday friends! So Ive been thinking of sprucing up the fireplace for a while now and even more so since I painted the walls black. When we first purchased the house the fireplace was in its original condition with red faded red brick , glass doors and shiny brass details. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the way it looked I was so in love with the fact that we finally had a REAL fireplace.  One that was functioning, and big, wood burning.

Pretty much right away I gave it a quick, inexpensive facelift by taking off the brass cover, painting the brick black, adding some simple moldings, and changing out the hearth with marble subway tiles. Check out how small Fiona was back then!

Eventually I painted over the black with white which brings us to the look we currently have today

And once again I’m ready for a change. This time Im thinking something a bit more permanent. When we first moved in I leaned more towards a craftsman bungalow style so it was all about the moldings for its physical presence. But our home isn’t specifically craftsman.  In fact, there are no other traditionally craftsman details in the house. Rather, its pretty basic bungalow.  We do have a few archways throughout which has me looking at things from a different perspective.  Ive been envisioning it with either really pretty colorful glass or handpainted tiles, or patterned tiles…something very old world Spanish or Moroccan or Mediterranean, or Caribbean…. or possibly more graphic with the right patterned cement tiles.  I not sure which direction specifically I want to go with right now, but I now it needs SOMETHING.  I actually have a stack of patterned tiles in my garage hoard Ive been holding on to for a rainy day.  This may be just the project for them.

I’ve rounded up a few spaces that are super beautiful and inspiring and giving me all the feels…



The wheels in my head are spinning guys……
Until next time…


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