Michael’s Room Makeover: Progress

Hi Everyone!

So way back at the beginning of LAST year I made a list of home goals I hoped to accomplish and the top of the list was focusing on my sons room makeover. Fast forward another year and we are FINALLY making good on that.  Up until a couple weeks ago his room looked like this..

Poor kid.  Those paint swatches had been hanging out on the ceiling since the day we got keys.  Literally. At one point we were thinking some shade of green for the ceiling…almost 3 years later we’ve gone in a slightly different direction.

I finally got my life together and decided Id seen those random paint swatches and tent bed for the last freakin time. He turns 10 this year so we wanted to give him a space that felt a bit more preteen and a lot less little boy.  We asked him what he’d like his room to look like and he only asked for 3 things…a black ceiling, grey walls, and rollercoasters.  With this in mind we got to work.

We are working with a really tight budget in here because we have several areas of the house we are trying to squeeze in this year.  I also didn’t want to make any major physical changes to the space because his room is one that may be eventually affected by the addition.  So it was all about working with the space we have. I pretty much wanted to start completely new with the room and only planned to keep the vintage mid century dresser. Here’s what things are looking like in here so far…

First things first his walls and ceiling got a fresh coat of paint.  We actually had the paint on hand left over from other projects so that cost us nada.  The ceiling is painted the same as the living room walls: Martha Stewart Francesca color matched in Behr Marquee formula and the walls are Smooth Stone by Glidden, the same color as the kitchen.  He also got a VERY much needed new bed, and the ceiling fan went sayonara. We purchased this light from Ikea before we moved in and it has sat at the top of his closet all this time.

We replaced the generic and non-functioning, might I add, mini blinds with these custom bamboo shades from Blindster.

 I partnered with Blindster a while back on our blinds in the living room and I loved them so much that we’ve since outfitted pretty much every room in the house with their bamboo shades.  They are such a great company with a great product and we are really happy with these as well.  We actually got these blinds a few months before we even started conceptualizing his room.  Since I believe every space needs a little some thing black I added this black fabric trim to the edges thinking this would be my bit of black for his space. I love the way they look with all the other elements in here, especially the black ceiling I didn’t anticipate happening.

I’ve been crazy about Bright Lab Lights for a while and knew I wanted some somewhere in the house when I first discovered them,  and what better place than a kids room! I ordered the 48 strand Build Your Own custom color set and chose a mix of indigo, black, olive, steel blue and orange.

They’re so much fun and cast the softest glow at night.

Finding a rug we liked for his room was tricky.  His room is small and kind of awkward so going with a traditional rug was proving to be a headache.  When the amazing people over at FLOR reached out about giving their carpet squares a try I was all in…kinda.  I had my reservations.  Especially about whether or not they would look and  feel super commercial.  But the fact that they could be customized to the awkward shape of his room, and their kid friendly nature made them appealing. And man are they goooood!!  We love, love, love them!

The quality is amazing and they are so so soft!!! We chose the style option in Dilinger. I wanted something that felt very tailored and timeless and I love this pinstripe look.  We laid it in a parquet style to give it some interest.  Its hands down my favorite element in the whole room. Callie loves it too and we find her napping in here all the time now!

We still have a bit more to do in here, but its a far cry from where it was. Still to do:  bring in some art and build a mixed media gallery wall around the floating shelves, a night stand and reading lamp, some floor poufs for space saving seating, camouflage the cords in the media center, and find some pots for his cacti.

It feels great to be making good progress in here. More updates to come.

Until next time friends…




Bedding-Pillowfort for Target

Tapestry-Boho by Lauren

Dreamcatcher-brought home from Sayulita, MX

*This is not a sponsored post, however, Blindster and FLOR did provided the window coverings and rug for this space.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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