Treat YoSelf: Bright Lab Lights

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for all the love on Michaels room makeover so far. You guys are so sweet and I had lots of messages and love all over social media.  We are so happy with how the space is coming together and with just a few more touches It will be complete!

One of my fav parts of his room are the fun string lights from we purchased. We loved them so much we were thinking of adding some to Bry’s room too. Luck would have it the kind folks at Bright Lab Lights hooked her up with a set as well.  I was so excited to get a fun punch of color in her room guys.  It was starting to feel super dismal with all the black and white and grey she’s got going on in there. She’s on a mission to strip her room of every bit of color…including her teal ceiling she begged us to paint for her. #nothappening. How long these will last in here I’m not sure, but Ill take this little victory for now. 

And of course I didn’t forget about you guys. Bright Lab Lights is offering 10% off your purchase until Friday Apr 21 with the code SGSTYLE10!  So if you’ve been eyeing some, now’s the time!  Hope everyone is off to a great Monday!

Until next time friends…



Bed-West Elm


String Lights-Bright Lab Lights

Light Fixture-Sazerac Stitches

Juju-Hoardaculture (launching soon!)



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