Current Obsession: St. Frank

Hi Everyone,

Soooo there’s a company that’s been on my radar for a minute now that I’m completely obsessed with. St. Frank is the name…textile amazingness is the game.  You guys I’m not even lying when I say there isnt a thing about them I don’t like.  NOT A SINGLE THING.  And it starts with their mission. As you know I’m deep in the thralls of launching Hoardaculture, and St. Frank is without a doubt major business goals.

When I received an invitation to partner up with them a couple months ago I couldn’t reply fast enough. And not just because of they fact that their product is just incredible, but because I believe in the work they are doing and  the awareness they bring to the artistry, craft, and makers of these beautiful pieces we are all lusting to have in our spaces. I just genuinely love this company guys.

I was invited to chose something from their collection and let me tell you that was NOT easy friends. Because ALL THE THINGS.  But I thought of our dining room and how much of a challenge this space is for me.

Ah the dining room.  My Achilles heel of this house.  The one room in any house that’s typically my absolute favorite, yet isnt so much so in our home. With warmer weather approaching entertaining is inevitable, and this space doesnt necessarily inspire a constant rotation of summer dinners with friends.  It needed a little jolt and after perusing their site I fell hard for this beautiful mudcloth tablecloth.  As soon as I saw it I knew it would be the perfect foundation for many moody boho dinner dates.

When it arrived it was blown away by how GORGEOUS it is guys. If you follow me on IG you probably caught my insta stories stylish sesh of it and you got to see it on video.  Its really really beautiful guys.  The quality is just beyond amazing and Im absolutely obsessed with it.

Playing off its black and tan colorway to stick to that overall theme with the styling.  I kept things super casual but wanted to layer in some texture while allowing the tablecloth to be the star of the show.

Its literally my most favorite new addition to our home.  I love it so much.  It comes in several different sizes, but I got it in the largest size because our table comes with a leaf  and wanted to make sure it was large enough to fit when its extended.  I’ll also be using it outdoors for dining as well and we will have a nice big table for that.

So basically you guys NEEEED to check out St. Frank.  If you aren’t already Follow them on IG, but be warned…. you WILL fall down the rabbit hole.  And you most certainly will want ALL THE THINGS.  And if you’re located in either San Fran or the Hamptons you get the pleasure of being able to visit them in store.  They didn’t ask me to tell you any of this…IM telling you because you will thank me!

Oh and did I mention that my FAVORITE room in the San Francisco decorator showhouse this year just happened to have the most amazing St. Frank indigo wallpaper donning the walls?


When I walked in this room I damn near passed out!  It was so freakin good.

Anyway, the moral of the story is St. Frank is amazing and you need to make them a part of your daily IG stalking routine.  Because we all have one.

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend. Until next time friends…



Tablecloth-St. Frank

Chairs-Poly and Bark (post to come;)

Dishware-World Market

Water Goblets-World Market

Copper Flatware-Arhaus  (also very similar at Lulu & Georgia)


Peacock Mirror-Pier 1 (discontinued)

Zebra Hide-Rugs USA


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