The Bag (And Shoes) Ill Be Wearing All Summer Long

Hi Everyone!

So Naomi surprised me for my birthday with the purse I’ve been coveting for MONTHS. I was so shocked and so happy and also sorta bummed because it was on backorder (story of my life) and I couldn’t get my hands on it for real for real until this past weekend.  I’m sure you all have seen this beauty floating around social media recently….and for good reason.  ITS AMAZING!  And its sooooo up my alley, right!?  As you all know natural/lighter wood tones have my heart, and the second I saw this beauty it almost stopped.  Earlier this week I wore it out and Im pretty sure ill be wearing it EVERYWHERE with EVERYTHING all Summer long.  Its so sculptural and gorgeous and gives off majorly good boho vibes. This thing sells out so fast guys. So if you are thinking of pulling the trigger act fast.   Honestly, the entire collection is just beyond fabulous.  I mean, hello malachite and black and blush!

At the same time I stepped out in another favorite new addition to my wardrobe.  Seriously guys, its like Zara snuck into my head and created their entire new spring and summer collection from the stuff of my dreams.  Literally ALL THE THINGS are amazing, and these pom pom tassel mules were a MUST to make into my closet.  If you follow me on IG you know it was a bit of an ordeal for me to actually get them, but they are here and they are amazing, and I love them so much.  Plus they are super comfortable.  I knew they would be the perfect compliment to my fav new bag.

Now lets talk about the fact that for the first time Im in front of the lens rather than behind it.  That’s different, right!? For about 2 years now Ive been wanting to take the blog in a bit of a different direction and I figure now’s a good as time as any to do it.  When I first started blogging back in 2012 everything about blogging, and me, was so very different.  My blog name was different, we were in our last house, blogging wasn’t really a “thing” yet, we all still used point and click cameras and even shot with lamps and overhead lights turned on (insert highly embarrassed “dear lord” face emoji), there was no Instagram, no Snapchat, Pinterest was super new still, basically alllll the things were different.  My sole and primary focus back then was DIY house projects, and my style was quite different then as well.

When I had to step away from blogging last year I took some time to think about this space and where I see it headed in the future.  I started this blog as a creative journal, an outlet to interact with other interior design lovers, and a way to keep myself immersed in the world of design after design school while I worked a very non-creative corporate job.  I developed a love for it I couldn’t have ever imagined.  Recently on IG I started getting comments and feedback encouraging me to share more of my day to day, as well as some style posts so I’ve decided to transition the blog from just interiors to more lifestyle based content. Interiors will always and forever my by number 1 love, but Im super inspired by so many things and Im excited to branch out and not limit myself as much. Honestly it feels like a much needed reboot to my system.  Its nice to have a fresh new approach to things and I hope you guys like it.

In the meantime Ill just be over here sleeping with this bag on my nightstand so its close to me at all times. Dont judge. Until next time friends…


Also I want to give a HUGE thanks to my beautiful and talented friend Kachet for shooting this look for me.  Im such an extroverted person, but the thought of being in front of the camera makes me want to run and hide.  She was so fun to work with shes got a great eye.


Bag-Cult Gaia

Jeans-Old Navy

Top-SnazzyClozet (similar from Old Navy here)





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