DIY clay wall hanging

you’ve seen me make a lot of things with polymer clay, and i’ve already made a clay wall hanging — but i decided to make a new and improved one for the bathroom. i knew i wanted to do some semi circles and full circles but beyond that i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do — and i’m so happy with how it turned out.



01. condition your clay and roll it out, cut into shapes you like (and redo if you’re not happy with them). i freehand cut everything but if you’re not comfortable with that, you could also use cookie cutters. try various sizes, and try at least one really piece to add a little more visual interest.

02. try to figure out a general layout before baking, because then you can decide where to put holes. use a toothpick to poke holes and bake according to package directions. let dry and cool down before handling.

03. to sponge paint, i used paper napkins with watered down paint — i would practice a little on a different surface to figure out your technique.

04. i first tied the pieces together pretty loosely and decided i didn’t like that — so i cut it off and started over. using a needle and thread, just knot one piece really tightly and a lot, and then move onto the next piece. thread from one piece to the next knotting along the way. and don’t worry about tying too many times, you want it more secure than less.

05. once you get to the top, leave a little extra to tie a loop to hang. i decided to add a little wood bead to the top by just threading it through.

super cute right?! i love how it’s not a big piece but adds so much to the wall. plus my dad will be so happy i have some color in the house.

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our guest bathroom : the reveal

so excited to share the finished bathroom with you! if you forget what the room looked like before, here’s the refresher.  we tore everything out and started from scratch, but i still thought it was really important to do everything as affordably as possible — so i made a lot of design decisions that were really inexpensive.

the design of the room is super simple but it’s warm and bright — i also think it’ll stay in style for a long time since i went minimal with every decision.

we were on a super time crunch with this reno, i wanted to delay it until after my baby shower since it was at the house, and be done by june for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. i honestly don’t recommend renovations during your third trimester, but you gotta do what you gotta do. i’m just glad it’s done.

as i said in the design plan post, i wanted to spend as little on tile as possible — and did! i went with standard sized 3×6 white subway tile and made it a little more modern with this vertical stack bond pattern. i reaaally loved the idea of a concrete feel for the floor, but that seemed expensive, annoying for maintenance and like it would take a lot of extra time for pouring and stuff — so i was stoked to find these floor tiles that were so inexpensive and looked and felt very concrete-y.

for the grout, we went with the same white color we did in the kitchen (snow white) and for the floor we went with delorean gray. i briefly considered going with a little bit darker of a grout, but when it came time to building the niche and i realized how much i hate bullnose tiles and wanted to just keep everything right angled, i thought the light grout would be the best. so happy with how it came out.

we went with an inexpensive toilet, which works really well so far, and then got ourselves a wider, slow closing toilet seat. that was a VERY good decision because those janky toilet seats feel so bad — i love the one we got. our doody situation is TIIIIGHT.

we went with an ikea vanity + sink combo, we tried finding alternatives but there is just nothing close in quality and price — and i really like it. the drawers are big and sturdy and close softly. we used delta faucets instead, which are motion-sensored and it feels sooooo fancy. like our house is a movie theatre.

we kept the light fixtures i had swapped out as a cheap temporary fix when we moved in, i’d be up for getting something nicer someday, but these are simple and with these chrome tip light bulbs i really am happy with the look. also the lighting in the evening is super romantic and warm.

i called about 15 different local glass stores and asked them to quote me for a 40″ round mirror cut, most of them said around $250-$300, until one place said $140. the room isn’t huge, but the big mirror makes the biggest difference and it feels so much bigger and brighter.

when i saw this tub, i fell in love immediately. it’s deeper than standard sized, which is better for my 6’2″ husband and the apron is so flat and modern and dope looking. i had A LOT of trouble finding tubs with a flat apron!

i went with brushed stainless fixtures and they look really classic and clean. (also a hot tip : if you have fingerprints, use a paper towel with a little baby oil and they look sparkling clean) i initially wanted to do matte black, but instead just mixed in some black accessories and it looks really nice. we live in the valley and i’ve heard that our hard mineral-y water could slowly ruin black fixtures, so i’m a little paranoid (but still might want to use them for the next bathroom). and we got a hand shower! so excited about this, it’ll make bathing the baby so much easier and cuter.


floor tile / wall tile / tub and shower faucet trim / vanity and sink / sink faucets / hand shower / light fixtures / lightbulbs / toilet / toilet paper holder


wall hooks / wall shelves / shower curtain rod / shower curtain / striped towels / solid towels / hand soap / dipped stool / wood bath caddy / towel ring was a DIY gift from my friend laurel (you can buy a similar one here) / brass planter / striped washcloths / candle / striped tray / rug (similar) / shampoo and conditioner / toilet brush / white canister / door hook / hanging planter

product was generously provided by delta faucet.
all opinions are 100% my own.

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10 tips for a painless + inexpensive bathroom reno

before i reveal our finished bathroom, today i wanted to share 10 tips that made our lives a lot easier planning and executing a very low key and very inexpensive bathroom renovation, in partnership with delta faucet for their inspired living blog.

01. Plan as much as you possibly can in advance!

this is so crucial. no matter what, there will always be hiccups and delays during any renovation, so if you want to make sure you personally don’t contribute to any holdups — have everything ready to go before your contractor even begins. you don’t want to be deciding tile patterns while your contractor is waiting on you, so try to make all the decisions you can!

02. Get quotes from multiple contractors

especially crucial if you’re on a budget, it’s smart to get a couple of different estimates from different contractors, and this way you can get the general average of what it should cost, and you may even be able to tell the contractor of your choice if you got a lower bid — and hopefully he can match it and save you some money!

03. Think long term

while trends are super appealing and you might be obsessed with that loud patterned cement tile — it’s smart to avoid too many trends and take into consideration what might look dated in a few years, or when you sell your house. try to keep the design as timeless as possible for resale value and for you to not get sick of it later! We initially considered going with matte black fixtures, but in the end we chose delta’s trinsic® 14 series tub + shower trim and single handle lavatory faucets with touch2O.xt® technology in stainless instead. It looks so classic and I couldn’t be happier with the look.

04. Keep your footprint as is to save money

you might want to move your toilet to the other side of your sink or reroute the plumbing in your tub, but if your current layout isn’t too horrible, keeping it intact will save huge amounts of money and time! we thought about moving our shower fixtures to the other side, but in the end, we didn’t want the extra expense and it really didn’t end up mattering enough to make it worth it.

05.  Figure out where to save + where to splurge

for renovations on a budget, you can find places to be frugal and which items might be worth investing in. if you’re in love with an intricate tile, consider saving on your light fixtures — just try to balance it out when budgeting! we decided to go with an affordable standard subway tile, but modernized the look by going with a less standard pattern. we also kept our lighting under $10 (no, really) by going with cheap lamp holders and adding modern bulbs. all these ways to save ultimately allowed us to spend more on other items, like our delta faucets and a deeper tub.

06. Consider how much storage you want and need

if you’re one of those people that buys your shampoo in bulk, don’t forget that when purchasing your sink vanity. for those of you who collect (hoard) hotel bath products, consider vanities with multiple drawers, and don’t forget other options like a built in niche in your shower, wall hooks for towels, and possibly open shelving for a little extra storage space.

07. Accessories go a long way

if you’re worried about going too simple with your general design plans, don’t! you can incorporate patterns, colors or trends with towels, shower curtains and even soaps, while having a lot more flexibility! there’s also very little thats more exciting than accessorizing your bathroom when your contractor leaves and seeing it really come to life. my favorite renovation activity is secretly accessorizing the room at night and looking at everything in the new room, and then moving it back out before morning like i’m a crazy decor fairy! super fun.

08. Have everything ready to go

if you have the space in your home, fill your garage or a spare room and start purchasing everything you’ll need. Some items may take weeks to arrive, so its the most time efficient for you and for your contractor to have everything on hand. This is especially helpful if you’re shopping online for most of your items, you can check them as soon as they arrive and make sure everything looks right!

09. Think about your heights

something very minor can make a huge difference, so before installation of everything, you should really take the time to deliberate what heights will be best for everything. for a floating sink vanity, you have a couple inches of flexibility. for shower curtain rods, mirrors, lighting, towel racks, shelving, and even your toilet paper holder — take the extra time to really think about where everything should go based on your preferences, lifestyle and household. that kind of stuff really does matter. 

10. Expect delays

like any renovation, there will be hiccups and holdups — so make sure you allot enough extra time for that — a very simple bathroom renovation can take between 2-5 weeks, so you’ll want to mentally prepare yourself for the latter. if you only have one bathroom in your house, this will be a much larger deal! 

our bathroom reno ended up taking an extra week (we were told 3 weeks but it took 1 month from start to finish), but we stayed within budget and we are so happy with the room! the end result is so clean and simple and totally us!

come back tomorrow for the full reveal and stop by the inspired living blog for a couple more sneak peeks!

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printable mini hand sanitizer bottles

while deeeeep in nesting mode — between organizing arlo’s changing station and diaper bag, i realized i wanted to keep a bottle of sanitizer on me at all times, but they’re always ugly. you know how strongly i feel about pretty packaging so naturally i decided to bottle my own!

i got these cute little amber bottles instead of clear ones so that i won’t be upset if i have to get that ugly green sanitizer to fill them once in a while.

i think they came out so cute! all you need to do is print out the labels i’ve designed, carefully apply to each bottle, and fill with sanitizer (i got a big huge bottle at target). i’ve thrown one in the diaper bag, one in my purse, one in my car, it’s very exciting stuff.

here’s what you need


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