My Favorite Macrame’, String, & Fiber Artists on Instagram

Hi Everyone!

I thought Id do a little something different today friends…a bit of a roundup if you will.  As you know Instagram is my shizz and I pretty much find everything through it.  Its pretty much become my google. If I’m looking for something my first reaction is always “let me check on Instagram right quick”.  And I’ve discovered SO MANY amazingly talented makers that way…including those who can work magic with string.

So confession…Im not THAT into macrame.  I mean I think some of it is just bananas good and I have a massive amount of respect and admiration for the artistry and craft that goes into creating some of the pieces.  I just never was super into wanting some for myself…like, to hang up in my house. Until now. These talents here make me wanna empty my account and clear out wall space every time I see one of their newest creations.  Im still not on #teamimgonnahangmacrameeverywhere, BUT, I can absolutely see one of these beauties being a star in a space. Here are my fave artists killing the macrame game right now:

  1. Boho By LaurenDUH!  yall already knew Lauren was making the list.  I absolutely LOVE her.  Ive loved her for a long time now and Im honored to actually have one of her gorgeous tapestries in our home. Her tapesries are HIGHLY sought after and for good reason.  The amount of thought and time and intention she puts into her pieces is beyond. Shes launching a new line of prints of her tapestries now too.  So if you cant snag an original, you can still get in on her tapestry action.

2. Mini Swells

Ummmm do yall see that!!  Tell me that isnt talent!!!  I mean gaaaah. The layers and textures Alejandra creates within her pieces are just phenomenal.  I would ABSOLUTELY hang one of these beauties in our home.  She also makes beautiful hanging planters too.

3. Luna & BlackShes a bit of a newcomer on the IG scene, but let me tell you, shes about to blow up! I loooove her vivid and bold use of color in per pieces.  I love that shes still in the experimental phase with lots of her work and she ends up making some of the most gorgeous pieces ever!  Also she makes these macara keychains that are so freakin fabulous.  They are what grabbed my attention from her first.  I was so excited about them that I’ve decided to stock them in my new shop!  They are just so fun and boholicious!

4. Teddy and WoolAnd speaking of bold use of color…Rianne is a boss at vivid color in her wall hangings. However, its not the color of her work, but rather the size and scale of her pieces that is incredibly impressive. She is THE QUEEN of large scale macrame wall screens like this!! I mean seriously guys!!  I cant even. Shes a talent for sure.

5. The Forest Fern

This list couldn’t possibly be complete without Sara in it.  Her handwork is just plain amazing.  She creates these gorgeous lanterns that are just pure magic…especially when hung grouped together.  I can just imagine some hanging from our big tree in the backyard in the summer.   Just so so good.  Also her macrame garlands are fantastic too!

Alrighty friends.  There you have it!  My list of the top 5 macrame mavens on IG you should definitely know about.  Who are some of your favorites? Id love to go stalk them!

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Until next time…